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Steps in Freedom is a website and a project dedicated to making people aware of the principles of the Founding Fathers and their original intent for this nation.  It is created by Steve Feazel and features his book, Letters to Tanner which is written for readers from grades 5 through high school.  It is designed to be a fast read that will introduce the reader to Americaís true heritage, the values of its Founders and the conservative position on the key issues debated today.


This website introduces the viewer to other endeavors in which Steve is involved and recommends websites, books and videos that embrace the same interests and values held by Steps in Freedom.


The mission of Steps in Freedom is to inform people, especially youth, of the godly heritage of their country and inspire them to take a courageous stand for the principles held by the Founding Fathers.  Steps in Freedom holds the same spirit as that of the Tea Party Movement and the 9-12ers.  It is proud to be another patriotic voice for the cause of liberty brought forth by our Founders.


Steps in Freedom encouages the youth of our nation and their parents to fight against the indoctrination going on in the educational system, which is adverse to what the Founding Fathers wanted.  Know your heritage, and dare to take your own steps in freedom as those in 1776 did.


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A voice against the liberal indoctrination in our education system 
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