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      This book is a collection of letters that I have written to my grandson, Tanner James Feazel, who was almost one-year old at the time I wrote them.  I don’t expect him to comprehend what is in them until he is a teenager 

      These letters intend to sound the alarm of the dangers that our nation faces from Liberalism as it engulfs our politics, morality and culture.  The book is short on purpose so as to make it a fast read.             

      Letters to Tanner is based on the original intent for our nation by the Founding Fathers and how we need to restore our nation to the principles and concepts of liberty that they championed. 

      I want my grandson to know these great men of history. I want him to know their sacrifice.  I want him to live his life and care for his country with those same principles in his heart. I want him to embrace our heritage with its moral goodness and help make it relevant again.

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Letters to  Tanner
The Clock and the Prophecy
Steve Feazel
Speaking Out
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"One of the most challenging questions for any parent is, ‘How do I teach the right patriotic values, spiritual fundamentals, and economic principles to my kids in a world of decidedly liberal schools?’” Steve Feazel has answered that with his Letters to Tanner, an instruction kit written to his grandson at a level upper elementary school kids could comprehend."    

- Dr. Larry Schweikart, author, A Patriot's History of the United States

Steve Feazel
The Clock
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